Self-discovery has picked up immense interest off lately and right from movies, books, documentaries, we now come across people in real life taking the plunge of breaking the traditions and moving away to excavate themselves.

Its not just a fad, it is essential to truly discover self in this world which is buzzing with options, expectations and twisted ideas of success. Success means different things to all of us but giving into glorified versions of Harvey Specter-esque ideas of success is easy. We start to push ourselves to give into popular ideas of what it looks like to be successful and important in this world only to realise it later that what we need is entirely different, we are not willing to take a certain path cause the sacrifices are no more worth the end state, it means nothing to us if we doesn’t appeal to our soul.

So the question is how can we truly discover our calling? I believe the answer somewhere lies is being able to spend time alone with ourselves and keep excavating till we understand what appeals to us. Many of us are unable to spend time with ourselves cause it forces us to question very existential questions which remain unanswered and we avoid it at any cost. Don’t avoid it, answer it and if you don’t know the answer find one. But do that till you get comfortable with yourself…keep trying, keep getting bored till you stumble upon something interesting, push yourself to keep exploring, trying new things and you will know what is right for you..

As Rupi Kaur says “fall in love with your solitude”