Often I find people giving their whole selves to people who never meet them with the same passion. So why is it that some of us are drawn to such situations which always leave us feeling empty ?

If we think about it the easiest one to assume is the lack of self-esteem which pushes some of us to seek out people who we place on a pedestal above ourselves and any affection or attention we receive from them makes us worthy…simple, overstated but very true…childhood traumas are usually to blame for this…lack of attention, affection from parents, constant criticism all lead to such scripts

At times it may even go deeper than this. It relates back to what we think Love is. So many of us truly desire love and often enough we unknowingly push it away. What we desire is the ecstasy of infatuation which somewhere distracts us from our insecurities and makes us feel full for that brief period. This chase is what we get addicted to. This is also the reason some of us are not able to let go of relationships which no longer serve us cause it will reinforce our own belief in our lack. It will force us to face the truth about ourselves. Rather than facing our insecurities we try to hold on…this “chase” is what further leads us down to a darker path of securing validation from everyone but ourselves…We start seeking approval from everyone cause we are unable to approve of ourselves

Love is build on mutual trust, respect, affection and friendship. It may not come along as a high but it comes in the form of us being accepted for who we are…so how can you see it unless you see yourself worthy of being loved ?? The answer lies here. The answer to all our fears, anxieties, insecurities is Self Love. Only when we love ourselves, take the time to know and honour our hearts true desire can we see clearly what’s and who is right for us…

How to build Self-Esteem

Love yourself in action

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